If you are a woman considering SottoPelle hormone therapy, I could not recommend those pellets highly enough! The results I have received have been far beyond my expectations!
I hope in sharing this, you too, can receive the benefits for your own health and well-being. I am a 59- year- young woman, who has always felt that my hormone levels may be off, but never pursued the issue, or thought much could be done for it. Thanks to Dr. Labban checking into my levels, and discussing the pellet therapy with me, I decided to give it a try; within a matter of weeks, I was truly amazed by the results!
After a relatively short time, it seemed that my body felt the sense of awakening. My energy level has doubled, along with clarity of mind, improved mood, with a sense of total well-being. Such an added plus, is that my libido, has come back to that of a 20 to 30 year- old -woman, which I did not realize was even possible! Needless to say, this has been quite a fun and pleasurable experience, for my husband and me!
Our gratitude and thankfulness go beyond words to Dr. Labban for his compassion, wisdom, devotion, and dedication to women’s health, as well as my own. Our journey together with Dr. Labban and his staff, have brought unexpected, countless blessings along the way- which continually better our lives!
As with any therapies-talk with your doctor-do your homework, and if you believe it is right for you, I highly recommend giving SottoPelle hormone pellet therapy a try. Both my husband and I have found it to be, totally worth the investment, and I can say it has been quite life changing! Make it a gift to yourself- and those you love; the results will speak for themselves!
Dear Dr. Labban,

I just wanted to thank you for your care this summer when it was discovered that I had pre cancerous cells developing in my uterus as a result of a biopsy done by Dr. Brittain. You took me on as a patient within hours of a fax from Dr. Brittain. My concern, of course, was that my sister died of uterine cancer three years ago. Your nurses got an appointment set up within days - taking into account that we were 4 hours north of Bloomington at a lake where we spend the summers. The surgery was scheduled as quickly as possible and went well. My recovery period amounted to nothing. I felt well the next day, but did stick to all the restrictions!

I credit you and your office staff for facilitating all of this, and I can't thank you enough. Following our one month check-up four weeks later, I also had a yearly physical check-up with Dr. Brad Bomba and everything checked out fine. I will continue to set up appointments with you every 6 months or so as Dr. Brittain will be retiring next spring.

Thanks again for everyone's help and great care in helping me on my road to recovery.